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Key Learning

  • The presence of existing latex paint recyclers with available processing capacity allowed recycling as paint to be the dominant method of processing leftover latex paint.
  • Recycling is lower on the waste hierarchy than reuse, but there are barriers to increasing paint reuse. Furthermore, recycling results in higher costs (management, environment) compared to reuse. More information is needed to better understand the barriers (e.g., liability, space) to retailer facilitation of paint reuse.
  • One option to increasing reuse, suggested by OR DEQ, is for PaintCare to coordinate with the ReStores and local government to redistribute reusable paint collected from the collection sites. This option, however, also creates costs/environmental effects (e.g., additional transportation and labor).
  • Legislation that directly addresses reuse and liability is another option for clarifying program priorities and management. PaintCare incurred $2.4 million in transportation and processing costs to collect 469,665 gallons of paint, or $5.13 per gallon; a value 20 times more than the reuse incentive offered ($0.25 per gallon), indicating a potential cost savings in a shifting more paint to reuse and room to increase the reuse incentive.

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